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Paws on the road: 5 tips for a dog-friendly vacation

Provided by: Brandpoint - June 28, 2024
Adorable labrador in back seat of car wearing a seat belt and  ready to go on road trip with pet parents.

Summer is the perfect season to hit the road! Whether you’re seeking sandy beaches or fresh mountain air, you can make your road trip even better with a furry co-pilot.

Traveling with your pup does require some preparation. To ensure a successful and stress-free journey with your four-legged friend this summer, check out these five helpful tips.

1. Safety first!

If you haven’t already, invest in a pet seat belt, car seat or travel crate so your dog can travel comfortably and safely. Not only will these safety products keep your pup safe, but they also prevent your pet from distracting you while driving. The best part? You can use these seatbelts, car seats and crates for everyday trips around town after your vacation.

2. Pack a travel kit

Put together a travel kit with your pet’s essentials. A travel kit should include items to help keep your furry companion comfortable, happy and safe while on vacation.

Besides water, food, treats, bowls and waste bags, make sure to include your dog’s favorite toys, bedding and grooming supplies. Don’t forget a leash and collar with ID tags just in case you get separated during your adventures.

3. Plan pet-friendly stops

As you choose your route, research pet-friendly stops, such as rest areas and parks that welcome pets. Plan to stop every 2-4 hours. However, you may have to stop more frequently if your pup has travel anxiety or becomes motion sick.

4. Prioritize exercise and playtime

Stops aren’t just for meals and potty breaks. Just like you, your four-legged friend needs to stretch their legs and burn off some energy. During rest stops, take time to exercise and play with your pet.

If you stop at a park with trails or a lake, plan to go hiking and/or swimming. At a pet-friendly rest area, play fetch or simply run around. Whatever physical activities you decide to do, exercise and playtime during a long road trip will keep your dog engaged and entertained. You’ll get a workout, too!

5. Keep cool and hydrated

Summer road trips can get hot. Depending on where you plan to travel, your destination may get even hotter than what your furry family member is used to back at home.

Keep your pup cool and hydrated by offering plenty of fresh water during rest stops. Consider purchasing a cooling mat or vest for your pet to help them stay comfortable. Most importantly, never leave your dog in a parked car on a hot day.

Are you ready to hit the road with your best friend? Follow these five tips, and you’ll be well on your way to an unforgettable road trip with your dog.


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