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Biomarker Testing: Improving Treatment for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Provided by: Brandpoint - July 02, 2024
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Metastatic breast cancer (MBC), or stage IV breast cancer, is when the cancer has spread beyond the breasts to other parts of the body. While currently considered incurable, for many, treatment can help maintain a good quality of life with ongoing monitoring through scans and tests. An MBC diagnosis means lifelong treatment. Biomarker testing examines tumors for mutations, helping identify what drives their growth and spread, and can also test for treatment resistance. This testing can match MBC patients with targeted treatments, potentially improving their prognosis and quality of life. Personalized medicine, informed by biomarker testing, offers new and potentially more effective treatment options.

However, not all MBC patients receive biomarker testing upon diagnosis. That’s why the No One Missed campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of biomarker testing in the diagnosis and treatment of metastatic cancer. Originally launched by the LUNGevity Foundation for lung cancer patients, the campaign has now expanded to include MBC patients through a partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer.


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